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Rope & Ribbon Wastebasket

We desperately needed a new wastebasket for the upstairs bathroom, but do you know how much garbage cans cost? Oh my god. You’d think they were made of gold! I’ll spend a lot of money on a lot of things, but a place to throw used tissues isn’t one of them. So I hopped on down to the Dollar Tree and got myself a $1 wastebasket. But it’s kind of flimsy, and kind of ugly. So I got some rope and some ribbon and heated up my trusty hot glue gun. The rope makes it sturdier and the ribbon makes

Make Your Thermostat Pretty

Thermostats are not very pretty. They’re kinda boxy and hang out in the middle of an otherwise perfectly good wall. But, no, since the thermostat’s there you can’t do anything with that wall. It’s boring and out of place. On Pinterest you can find a lot of solutions to this that can basically be summed up as: Find a canvas print that is the depth of your thermostat and hang it over it. Sometimes they mix it up and instead of hanging it, you’re supposed to put hinges on one side of it so that you can just swing it

Seaside Bath Wreath

I’ve been obsessed with sea-themed bathrooms for years. I have no idea why. I guess it’s a relaxing way to spend that last half hour before you go to work each day. We don’t have a lot of room in our downstairs bathroom. Heck, it barely fits a person. But I wanted it to have a little decoration; just a touch of personality. Since there isn’t really any room to hang art on the walls, I thought maybe hanging some on the door might work instead. I didn’t want to hang up a picture or anything that might fall down